Our Story

The average useful lifespan of a plastic drinking straw is 30 minutes. 
It remains in the environment for 200+ years.


Just Straw is an ethical company focused on making sustainability the new-normal for both retail and business customers worldwide. Along with the problems caused by plastic straws, we see a real issue with the other so-called eco-friendly’ drinking straws like bioplastic, paper and even reusables - now widely used in bars and restaurants. Taking into consideration the whole lifecycle of these products, they really are not great for the planet or wildlife.

Rather than replacing one problem with another, our founder, Joe, felt the time was right to introduce a straw used long before plastic: a bar-friendly, totally natural and truly environmentally friendly drinking straw, made purely from wheat straw stems.

Since our launch in 2019 we have experienced rapid growth in our base of retail and business customers. If you're interested in switching to wheat please get in touch with us for samples & pricing! It would be great to receive your support and have you onboard with us!